There is a huge contrast between how women’s bodies are “created” in the media and how they really are. The media show women in an objectifying and stereotypical way. In most advertising campaigns for instance we see a very standardised way of portraying women: a fully retouched body in a sexy pose of calculated seduction. The environments in which they are placed equally are idealised places.

These images are disturbing for young women who are still exploring their sexuality. They feel insecure about their body, because it doesn’t answer to the so-called ideal of beauty and sexiness that they constantly see. With my photo reports of different girls, I want to show that the way the media portrays women is far from our everyday reality. Through my images I want to make space for the intimacy, vulnerability and beauty of women’s real bodies.The female body has always fascinated me. It’s wonderful how the bones move under women’s skin and how they embody different forms. Through photography I show my perception of this beauty.

I photograph my models, all just regular girls, in their own environment and in a very natural way. This proves sometimes difficult; girls have constructed through mass media and advertising an artificial relation with their body, resulting in artificial poses, calculated glances and contained bodies. I specifically never retouch any of the photos, because this creates a wrong image of women’s bodies. Every body has bruises, scars, marks… It’s these little signs of life, wrongly called imperfections, that make us unique and uniquely alive.

The result of my project is a photographic series of a few young women as they are. Moderate, normal, realistic, and beautifully embodied.

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