Sint-Lucas University College of Art       and Design gave me the assignement to design the future. So I started thinking how the future would look like. How is art going to look like within 100 years? Is there going to be any art at all?

Our life and our society is more and more based on resampling. Musicians create new music with samples from other recordings and take it to the next level. Architects are creating new buildings with samples of the building that was there before. Writers create new books by sampling texts from other writers or quotes. Movies are made as     a parody about other existing movies. Everything is a remix.

There have been enough art movements and enough reactions. Why create more art movements if there have been so many artists that have done such beautiful things? Instead of making totally new things, maybe we should focus on making remixes of existing artworks.

I selected some art movements that         I liked the most out of the 20st century.   I remixed these artworks and made something new with it, but with existing content. I did this by making some changes on different aspects such as the technique of the existing work,            the typography and the aspect of absurdity and the composition of the original work. These works are all published in this book “Resampling: Resampling is the future of our art.”

(Collaboration with Junior Van de Poel)




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