Mapping a Site: Part 1 

The Digital Drowning 

St Lucas University College of Art & Design, Antwerp, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp and Nottingham Trent University – College of Art have been co-working with Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota in an international masterclass.

Eleven students and three staff members from these art colleges have worked together for one week in Sarasota, Florida on the notion of the spectacle. Guy Debord’s reflections on the spectacle formed the conceptual starting point of this workshop. The Ringling Museum in Sarasota, with its excellent ‘circus’ collection was selected as the local setting in which the American notion of the spectacle could be explored by all the participants. All students and staff members reflected and worked around a multitude of aspects of the spectacle, such as audience, behind the scene organization, the impact of advertisement, the logistics, and so on.

For this part of the project I worked together with Bau Evers about the spectacle of social media. We have a constant need to prove our lives on social media to make us feel better about ourselves. We made a link between the modern humans and the story about Narcissus and Echo. We presented this project in Crossley Gallery in Sarasota, Florida. We made an installation that live streamed everyone that came into our cube. Every little movement that was made into the cube repeated itself constantly. Through this we wanted to resemblance the social phenomenon of sharing. Video will be online soon!

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