My name is Jolien Brands. I am an artist currently living in the lovely Antwerp, Belgium. My practice focuses on graphic design and photography. I would describe my style as scandinavian, simple but with always somehow an esthetic feeling to it. Returning themes in my practice are the human body and nature. I’m fascinated with nature in all it’s forms. I like working with things that are constantly growing and changing. For the past few years now my practice includes different disciplines. I always shoot my own images, but for me they are a beginning instead of an ending. The end results are mostly handmade books (I have a really big passion for editorial design) or photographic installations.

I am passionately curious about everything. Besides designing and taking photographs of literally almost everything, I love to go to museums, to watch movies and to travel every chance that I get. If you would like to work together or want to get in touch, please contact me at info@jolienbrands.com